The victims of American Airlines Flight 11

A Boeing 767 en route from Boston to Los Angeles. The plane, carrying 81 passengers, nine flight attendants and two pilots, crashed into a tower of New York’s World Trade Center about 8:45 a.m. ET Sept. 11.

Allison, Anna Williams , 49, Stoneham, Mass., founder, A2 Software Solutions, Confirmed dead

Angell, Lynn Edwards , 52, Los Angeles, Calif., librarian, , Confirmed dead

Angell, David Lawrence , 54, Pasadena, Calif., executive producer, NBC, Confirmed dead

Aoyama, Seima , 48, Culver City, Calif., accountant, , Confirmed dead

Ares Tegui, Barbara Jean , 38, Marstons Mills, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Aronson, Myra Joy , 50, Charlestown, Mass., press and analyst relations manager, Compuware Corp., Confirmed dead

Barbuto, Christine , 32, Brookline, Mass., buyer, TJX Co., Confirmed dead

Beug, Carolyn Mayer , 48, Santa Monica, Calif., filmmaker and video producer, , Confirmed dead

Booms, Kelly Ann , 24, Brookline, Mass., accountant, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Confirmed dead

Bouchard, Carol Marie , 43, Warwick, R.I., emergency room secretary, Kent County Hospital, Confirmed dead

Casey, Neilie Anne Heffernan , 32, Wellesley, Mass., planning manager, TJX Co., Confirmed dead

Collman, Jeffrey Dwayne , 41, Novato, Calif., flight attendant, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Coombs, Jeffrey W. , 42, Abington, Mass., security analyst, Compaq, Confirmed dead

Creamer, Tara Kathleen , 30, Worcester, Mass., planning manager, TJX Co., Confirmed dead

Cuccinello, Thelma , 71, Wilmot Flat, N.H., homemaker, , Confirmed dead

Currivan, Patrick , 52, Winchester, Mass., vice president, AtosEuronext, Confirmed dead

Dale, Brian P. , 43, Warren, N.J., partner, Blue Capital Management, Confirmed dead

DiMeglio, David , 22, Wakefield, Mass., computer service, , Confirmed dead

DiTullio, Donald Americo , 49, Peabody, Mass., endoscopy division, Smith & Nephew Inc., Confirmed dead

Dominguez, Alberto , 66, Lidcombe, Australia, baggage handler, Qantas Airways, Confirmed dead

el-Hachem, Peter , 40, Tewksbury, Mass., senior software engineering manager, Teradyne, Confirmed dead

Farley-Hackel, Paige , 46, Newton, Mass., spiritual counselor, , Confirmed dead

Filipov, Alexander Milan , 70, Concord, Mass., electrical engineer and church deacon, , Confirmed dead

Flyzik, Carol , 40, Plaistow, N.H., marketing supervisor, Meditech, Confirmed dead

Friedman, Paul , 45, Belmont, Mass., management consultant, Emergence Consulting, Confirmed dead

Fyfe, Karleton D.B. , 31, Brookline, Mass., senior analyst, John Hancock, Confirmed dead

Gay, Peter Alan , 54, Tewksbury, Mass., plant manager, Raytheon Co., Confirmed dead

George, Linda M. , 27, Westboro, Mass., buyer, TJX Co., Confirmed dead

Glazer, Edmund , 41, Wellesley, Mass., chief financial officer, MRV Communications, Confirmed dead

Gordenstein, Lisa Reinhart Fenn , 41, Needham, Mass., assistant vice president and merchandise manager, TJX Co., Confirmed dead

Green, Andrew Peter Charles Curry , 34, Santa Monica, Calif., director of business development, eLogic, Confirmed dead

Hayes, Robert Jay , 38, Amesbury, Mass., sales engineer, Netstal, Confirmed dead

Hennessy, Edward (Ted) R. Jr., 35, Belmont, Mass., partner, Emergence Consulting, Confirmed dead

Hofer, John A. , 45, Los Angeles, Calif., owner, John's Sharpening Center, Confirmed dead

Holland, Cora Hidalgo , 52, Sudbury, Mass., , Sudbury Food Pantry at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Confirmed dead

Humber, John Nicholas Jr., 60, Newton, Mass., owner, Brae Burn Management, Confirmed dead

Iskandar, Waleed , 34, London, England, chief of digital strategy for Europe, Monitor Group, Confirmed dead

Jenkins, John Charles , 45, Cambridge, Mass., corporate office services manager, Charles River Associates, Confirmed dead

Jones, Charles Edward , 48, Bedford, Mass., retired astronautical engineer and manager of space programs, BAE Systems, Confirmed dead

Kaplan, Robin , 33, Westboro, Mass., senior store equipment specialist, TJX Co., Confirmed dead

Keating, Barbara , 72, Palm Springs, Calif., receptionist, parish office, St. Theresa Catholic Church, Confirmed dead

Kovalcin, David , 42, Hudson, N.H., senior mechanical engineer, Raytheon Co., Confirmed dead

Larocque, Judy , 50, Framingham, Mass., founder and CEO, Market Perspectives, Confirmed dead

Lasden, Natalie Janis , 46, Peabody, Mass., product testing team leader, General Electric, Confirmed dead

Lee, Daniel John , 34, Van Nuys, Calif., road crew, Backstreet Boys, Confirmed dead

Lewin, Daniel C. , 31, Charlestown, Mass., co-founder and chief technology officer, Akamai Technologies, Confirmed dead

Low, Sara Elizabeth , 28, Boston, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

MacKay, Susan A. , 44, Westford, Mass., assistant vice president of merchandise planning and allocation, TJX Co., Confirmed dead

Martin, Karen A. , 40, Danvers, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

McGuinness, Thomas F. Jr., 42, Portsmouth, N.H., first officer, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Mello, Christopher D. , 25, Boston, Mass., analyst, Alta Communications, Confirmed dead

Mladenik, Jeffrey Peter , 43, Hinsdale, Ill., interim CEO, eLogic, Confirmed dead

Montoya, Carlos Alberto , 36, Bellmont, Mass., , , Confirmed dead

Montoya Valdes, Antonio Jesus , 46, East Boston, Mass., housekeeping worker, Boston Harbor Hotel, Confirmed dead

Morabito, Laura Lee , 34, Framingham, Mass., national sales manager, Qantas Airways, Confirmed dead

Naiman, Mildred , 81, Andover, Mass., retired tester, Western Electric Co., Confirmed dead

Neira, Laurie Ann , 48, Los Angeles, Calif., transcriber, Your Office Genie, Confirmed dead

Newell, Renee Lucille , 37, Cranston, R.I., customer service agent, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Nicosia, Kathleen Ann , 54, Winthrop, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Norton, Robert Grant , 85, Lubec, Maine, retiree, , Confirmed dead

Norton, Jacqueline J. , 61, Lubec, Maine, retiree, , Confirmed dead

Ogonowski, John , 52, Dracut, Mass., captain, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Ong, Betty Ann , 45, Andover, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Orth, Jane M. , 49, Haverhill, Mass., retiree, Lucent Technologies, Confirmed dead

Pecorelli, Thomas Nicholas , 30, Topanga, Calif., cameraman, Fox Sports and E! Entertainment Television, Confirmed dead

Perkins, Berinthia Berenson , 53, Los Angeles, Calif., actress and photographer, , Confirmed dead

Puopolo, Sonia Morales , 61, Dover, Mass., former ballet dancer, , Confirmed dead

Retik, David E. , 33, Needham, Mass., general partner, Alta Communications, Confirmed dead

Roger, Jean Destrehan , 24, Longmeadow, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Rosenzweig, Philip M. , 47, Acton, Mass., vice president, Sun Microsystems, Confirmed dead

Ross, Richard Barry , 58, Newton, Mass., president and chief executive, The Ross Group, Confirmed dead

Sachs, Jessica Leigh , 23, Billerica, Mass., accountant, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Confirmed dead

Salie, Rahma , 28, Boston, Mass., chief operating officer, Cinoni, Confirmed dead

Smith, Heather Lee , 30, Boston, Mass., financial analyst, Beacon Capital Partners, Confirmed dead

Snyder, Dianne Bulls , 42, Westport Point, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Stone, Douglas J. , 54, Dover, N.H., co-owner, Odyssey Press, Confirmed dead

Suarez, Xavier , 41, Chino Hills, Calif., civil engineer, , Confirmed dead

Sweeney, Madeline Amy , 35, Acton, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines, Confirmed dead

Theodoridis, Michael , 32, Boston, Mass., technology consultant, , Confirmed dead

Trentini, James Anthony , 65, Everett, Mass., retired teacher and assistant principal, , Confirmed dead

Trentini, Mary Barbara , 67, Everett, Mass., retired secretary, , Confirmed dead

Vamsikrishna, Pendyala , 30, Los Angeles, Calif., project manager for consulting firm, DTI, Confirmed dead

Wahlstrom, Mary Alice , 78, Kaysville, Utah, retired loan officer, , Confirmed dead

Waldie, Kenneth E. , 46, Methuen, Mass., senior quality control engineer, Raytheon Co., Confirmed dead

Wenckus, John , 46, Torrance, Calif., tax consultant, , Confirmed dead

Williams, Candace Lee , 20, Danbury, Conn., student, Northeastern University, Confirmed dead

Zarba, Christopher Rudolph Jr., 47, Hopkinton, Mass., software engineer, Concord Communications, Confirmed dead